Update: Amendment to Regulation 6 (April 30th deadline for explicit consent)

The Department of Health have announced that engagement with the Data Protection Commission and the Department of Justice and Equality on the Health Research Regulations has led to the following agreement: The time frame for obtaining explicit consent for the processing of personal data for a health research project that was ongoing on 8 August 2018 is to be extended to 7 August 2019. Further details on the agreed amendments can be read here Dept. Of Health – Update on Health Research Regulations 29.04.2019

The official Amendment to the transition period can be read here Amendment No. 1 to HRR 2018 – Statutory Instrument 188

An Explanatory note provided by the Dept. of Health can be read here Regulation 6_Explanatory Note on Amendment

In summary  – for Researchers carrying out current research:

  • Applications submitted by July 7th shall be considered pending until a decision is made by the HRCDC. The Applicant will not be in breach of the Regulations during this time.
  • Under the Regulations, the HRCDC are not empowered to considered applications submitted after August 7th and therefore can not be considered by the HRCDC.
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