The HRCDC is committed to ensuring Trust, Confidence and Transparency when carrying out its duties pursuant to the Health Research Regulations, 2018.

In accordance with Regulation 12 of the Health Research Regulations 2018, the following information regarding HRCDC meetings and applications submitted for consideration, can be viewed. 

HRCDC Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all HRCDC meetings can be viewed here:

HRCDC Decisions

The status of all applications submitted to the HRCDC for consideration can be viewed here:

HRCDC Applications Status Log - 8th July 2024

Standard Conditions of a Declaration

In addition to the specific conditions attached to any Declaration made by the HRCDC, the following standard conditions of the Declaration shall apply;

  • the data controller/Applicant must complete an Annual Review for the HRCDC on the anniversary date of the decision letter and for every year, or part year, the Declaration is valid,
  • the data controller/Applicant must have all necessary contractual obligations in place,
  • all processing activities using personal data for health research must in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018 and Health Research Regulations and are fulfilled for the duration of the Declaration, where applicable,
  • any amendments to the health research as approved by an ethics committee, and/or changes that relate to, or may impact the data processing activities that fall under the scope of the Declaration and conditions attached, must be approved by the HRCDC via a formal amendment request, prior to changes coming into effect,
  • any breaches that occur that affect the integrity of the Declaration and the protection of data subjects, must be reported to the HRCDC,
  • the health research must be conducted lawfully and ethically.




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