HRCDC Meeting Dates 2024

Upcoming Meeting Dates
  • Tuesday – January 30th, 2024            [Submission deadline: Jan 3rd]
  • Tuesday – February 27th, 2024          [Submission deadline: Jan 24th]
  • Tuesday – March 26th, 2024               [Submission deadline: Feb 21st]
  • Tuesday – April 30th, 2024                  [Submission deadline: March 27th]
  • Tuesday – May 28th, 2024                    [Submission deadline: April 24th]
  • Tuesday – June 25th, 2024                   [Submission deadline: May 22nd]
  • Tuesday – August 13th, 2024              [Submission deadline: July 10th]
  • Tuesday – September 10th, 2024      [Submission deadline: Aug 7th]
  • Tuesday – October 8th, 2024              [Submission deadline: Sept 4th]
  • Tuesday – November 12th, 2024       [Submission deadline: Oct 9th]
  • Tuesday – December 10th, 2024       [Submission deadline: Nov 6th]

Application Process

For applications to be considered at a meeting (new application or amendment request), the submission deadline is the latest date by which the application should be submitted so that it may be possible for the Secretariat to pre-review and prepare applications in advance of that meeting.  Applications are generally triaged and pre-reviewed by the Secretariat on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please note that it is not guaranteed that applications submitted by the referenced deadline will be pre-reviewed and ready for consideration at the next HRCDC meeting. Whether an application will be pre-reviewed and ready for consideration at that meeting is subject to the capacity of the Secretariat, the number of applications submitted, the completeness and complexity of the application and agenda availability.

The HRCDC will ensure ‘New Research’ and ‘COVID-19 focused’ applications are prioritised for consideration at each meeting, to avoid delays for the commencement of new research studies.

Only valid applications are forwarded to the HRCDC approximately 10 days in advance of a scheduled meeting. The number of applications reviewed at each meeting will be capped. Applicants will be informed of the HRCDC meeting where their application will be reviewed.

Applicants can expect to receive a formal decision letter within 5-7 working days after the HRCDC meeting

Application Forms

The HRCDC is  independent statutory body established under Statutory Instrument (S.I. No. 314 of 2018 and as amended under S.I.No. 188 of 2019 and S.I. 18 of 2021) and therefore any records held by it is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, 2014.

To apply for a consent declaration, or an request an amendment to a consent declaration to process, or further process, personal data for the purpose of health research commencing on or after 8 August 2018 (Regulation 5). Please use the following application forms and consult with the guidance notes and your Data Protection Officer as necessary.

If submitting Participant Information Leaflets (PILs) with your application form, please ensure the following information is reviewed in advance of submitting your application: 


HRCDC application form

To apply for a consent declaration please use the following application form and consult with the guidance notes for specific advice on each section.

HRCDC_COVID-19 Data Research Hub application form

To apply for a consent declaration to process personal data solely from the Central Statistics Office COVID-19 Data Research Hub, for the purpose of health research. Please use the following application form and consult with the guidance notes. Further details on the COVID-19 Data Research Hub can be viewed at ‘Access COVID-19 Data for research’ website:

Amendment request application form

To request an amendment to a consent declaration that has been made to a data controller, please complete the amendment request application form. For pre-submission advice, please contact Please note that where an amendment request form is submitted for consideration, the HRCDC reserves the right to request that the Applicant/data controller submit a full new consent declaration application for consideration if this is considered appropriate in the context of the proposed changes to be made to the study.

Annual Review form

Please submit an annual review to the on the anniversary that the Consent Declaration was made. Annual Review form is provided below.

Validation Assessment Sheet

The Secretariat will conduct a pre-review and validation assessment of the application for (i) administrative completeness and (ii) to ensure that the necessary information has been provided to enable the HRCDC to consider the application, using the form below

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