NEW: HRCDC information sessions.

The HRCDC secretariat will be hosting information sessions over the course of 2024.  These sessions are designed to give potential applicants to the HRCDC, information on the application process, what information to provide to the HRCDC, common issues with applications.


The first two information sessions will be held on site in the HRB offices,  see address below.  Depending on demand, the HRCDC secretariat can also travel to Cork / Galway / other locations as needed to provide these information sessions.


There are two options for attendance,  Monday 4th March (9.45am to 12.30pm) ,  Monday 15th April (9.45am to 12.30pm).


It is ideal if the DPO from your organisation could attend together with the person(s) with the responsibility for the HRCDC application.


If you do wish to attend one of these sessions,  please can you email and let us know the following before the 16th February:


  1. Date of attendance ( spaces are limited,  however we will make every effort to accommodate you on your preferred date)
  2. Name of your organisation.
  3. Person(s)  attending and their role in the organisation.
  4. If you cannot attend the sessions in Dublin,  please can you provide information on your location, and we will make every effort to accommodate all those interested,  closer to their location.
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