Emeritus Professor Evelyn Mahon

Prof. Evelyn Mahon (M.Sc., London School of Economics; Ph.D. University of London), Fellow Emeritus of Trinity College, Dublin, retired as an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and Social Policy. A sociologist, she successfully led a number of funded research projects on sensitive health and social research issues. These included Women and Crisis Pregnancy (1998), Post-Separation Parenting (2011), and Assisted Reproductive Technology – IVF Treatment in Ireland (2014). Recognising the importance of empirical research in policy formation, and the need to develop research capabilities, she founded and directed the master’s programme (M.Sc.) in Applied Social Research at Trinity College, in 1997. Directing the M.Ss. as well as the dissertations of her Ph.D. students led her to establish and chair the first Research Ethics Committee in the School. She has served on several committees including the Epidemiology, Heath of the Population and Primary Care Committee of the Health Research Board.

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